'' Delicacy Of Heritage ''

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E-Mail : info@babel.com.tr

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Bursa Food Point / Fair
27 - 30 September
Merinos AKKM Osmangazi, 16110 Bursa

Tastes Carried From Past to Present and Secret Recipe Products

We keep on producing exclusive tastes to our customers with our secret Dibek Turkish Coffee recipe since first day.  We present a whole range of tastes with Babel’s trademark Dibek Turkish coffee and our innovative brand FineCoffee with our exclusive customers, the same excitement and passion just like the first day.

Coffee Products

We produce from the Dibek coffee to the Turkish coffee, with care and passion.


Our chocolates are produced from Callebaut's top quality cocoa.

Tea Products

We produce Tea Products with care and passion.

Private Label

Optional packaging options according to your needs and requirements.

Our Story

The story of coffee, started ages ago in the land of Anatolia and Mesopotamia where the first civilisations and developments occurred. This geography has hosted gastronomy as well as other vital matters.

Coffee which is a popular drink that has spread around the world nowadays, emerged from the reflection of the cultural heritage of this geography. The heritage over ages, different perspective, a deep rooted culture. We are the representative of coffee taste and tradition blended with the BABEL brand and Anatolia flavor from the past to the present.

Are you ready to set out on this journey with us?

Coffee is a taste tradition that dates back to centuries. We produce with passion and care all kinds of coffee and drink variations such as historical Dibek turkish coffee, turkish coffee, classic coffee, gold coffee, 3in1, drip coffee, salep and hot chocolate thanks to our coffee expertness by bringing together the most fresh coffee beans with experience over the years.
Our coffee beans are processed with our high-tech and full automatic production line from supplying the most quality raw coffe beans to roasting, grinding, packing stages.
We also present optional packing possibilities depeding on our custumers demands’ and needs’ by courtesy of our modern packing track.
We produce unique chocolate in order to lead your happiness.We produce heavenly tastes for you by bringing together Chocolate which is produced with the world’s most quality cacao in Callebaut and hazelnut,hazelnut spread, almond, almond spread, pistachio, orange, rasberry, croquant, coffee, cappiccuno, honey, tahina(sesame), coconut and strawberry.
Babel presenting irresistable taste of real chocolate, waits for you to take place to appeal to your taste buds.

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