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Dent Group

We provided support in the web design processes for Dent Group, one of Turkey's leading dental health centers, and developed their mobile applications.

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Dent Group


Dental Treatments

İstanbul, Türkiye

Leading Dental Health Centers in Turkey


Dent Group is an institution that aims to provide services with 250+ dentists and expert employees in many cities across Turkey, targeting to be present on international platforms. With a modern technology approach and a high-quality service concept, it offers a wide range of dental health services to its patients. Istanbul Dent Group, staffed with a team specialized in dentistry, provides services in many areas such as aesthetic dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, pedodontics (pediatric dentistry), endodontics (root canal treatment), and periodontology (gum diseases). Prioritizing patient satisfaction, Istanbul Dent Group provides a comfortable and reliable treatment environment in its modern clinics.

As Babel Agency, we provided website design and mobile application development services for Dent Group, one of Turkey's leading dental health centers. This project aimed to strengthen Dent Group's digital presence and improve user experience.


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Dent Group Project Summary

Website Design:

We have designed a modern, user-friendly, and interactive website for Dent Group. The website includes information about the center's services, areas of expertise, and other important details. The design has been customized to reflect Dent Group's corporate identity and to ensure easy access to the information users need.

Mobile Application Development:

We have developed a customized mobile application tailored to Dent Group's needs. This application has features that allow patients to schedule appointments, track treatment information, and easily benefit from the center's services. The mobile application has been designed to be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

User Experience and Accessibility:

In the project, we prioritized user experience and accessibility. The design of the website and mobile application has been developed to be responsive, compatible with different devices and screen sizes. Additionally, an intuitive navigation structure has been created to enable users to access information quickly and easily.

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The Dent Group project successfully strengthened Dent Group's digital presence and improved user experience by combining Babel Agency's technical skills and user-focused approach. This project not only enhanced Dent Group's service quality but also facilitated patients' access to services and information in a more comfortable and efficient manner.

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