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We developed user-friendly web and mobile applications for SKT, Turkey's oil seal brand.

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Bursa, Türkiye

Sealing Technology Partner


SKT, founded in 1955 in Bursa, is the leading brand in its field, still operating under the umbrella of Diniz Holding. With its deep-rooted history spanning over half a century as a pioneer in the automotive sector in Turkey, it takes justified pride in turning its dreams into reality. Since its inception, SKT has succeeded in becoming one of the strongest players at the forefront of its industry with an innovative and perfectionist vision for the future. As the owner of many firsts in Turkish industry, SKT has pioneered the production of the first oil seal and electric motor in Turkey, and realized the first use of synthetic rubber.


As Babel Agency, we provided website design and mobile application development services for SKT. This project aimed to strengthen SKT's digital infrastructure and improve user experience.


SKT Project Summary

Website Design:

We designed a modern, user-friendly, and interactive website for SKT. The website includes information about SKT's services, products, and other important details. The design was customized to reflect SKT's corporate identity and to ensure easy access to the information users need.

Mobile Application Development:

We developed a customized mobile application tailored to SKT's needs. This application features functionalities that allow users to easily benefit from SKT's services and products. The mobile application was designed to be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

User Experience and Accessibility:

In the project, we prioritized user experience and accessibility. The design of the website and mobile application was developed to be responsive, compatible with different devices and screen sizes. Additionally, an intuitive navigation structure was created to enable users to access information quickly and easily.



The SKT project successfully combined Babel Agency's technical skills and user-centric approach to strengthen SKT's digital presence and improve user experience. This project not only enhanced SKT's service quality but also enabled users to access services and products more easily and efficiently.

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Website & Digital Products

  • UI User Interface Design
  • UX User Experience Design
  • Front-End Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Babel CMS Integration
  • System and Server Management

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